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Droid VPN Settings For Free Internet In 2023

The latest Droid VPN settings that can give you free and unlimited internet access on your sim card without paying.
I’m going to share with you the best Droid VPN settings that work on all networks and devices.

These settings are different from network to network and from device to device, usually depending on your country.

So now I’m going to give you the best that can work in every country and on every network.

They are very easy to configure and anyone can do it you just need to follow what I’m saying in this post.

However, if you are not understanding something that I’m saying you can let me know in the comments so that I can help you.

Droid VPN settings message easy for you to get free Internet on a daily basis and you need an account.

Droid vpn settings

Getting Started

To get started with Droid VPN you need to have an active Droid VPN account and cannot use it without an account.

You also need to know how you can create an account so that you do it the right way.

But in this post I’m going to show you Droid VPN settings and I will show you how to create and activate your Droid VPN account.

It’s very easy and it’s free anyone can create a Droid VPN account that can give them 300 MB per day.

However, if you want to increase your bandwidth from 300 MB you can upgrade to a premium Droid VPN account.

A premium account will give you unlimited data on a daily basis up to the expiration of your subscription.

But you must keep in mind that the premium account does not guarantee that you will have an easy connection.

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Create Droid VPN Account

It is very easy to create a Droid VPN account, you just need to have a Google account that you can access.

At the moment, Droid VPN is accepting people with Gmail accounts to create Droid VPN accounts only.

And all other email accounts are not supported at the moment because of spam protection.

First of all, go to Droid VPN and fill out the information that is username, email, and password.

Once you fill out your information click on the I’m not a robot and finally click on sign up now.

This is how you can create your Droid VPN account, but that’s not all, it needs to be activated in order to work.

Activate Droid VPN Account

If you have created a Droid VPN account you will need to activate it in order to work.

If you don’t activate Android VPN account it will not work and this means you will not be able to use that account.

So when you are signing up for your new account please be sure that you are using an email address that you can access.

Once you click on the sign up now button go to your email inbox and wait for the Droid VPN email to arrive.

It takes less than 5 minutes for the email to land in your inbox.

When the email arrives please click open it and you will see your username and your password and an activation link.

Now click on the activation link in order to activate your Droid VPN account.

Once you click that link your account will be activated automatically and you will be able to use it.

Now that you have an active account let’s proceed to Droid VPN settings and how you can set them up for free data.

Droid VPN Settings

First of all click on the three lines on your left hand side on top and click on account.

Now entity account information of your newly created Droid VPN account.

If you already have an old Droid VPN account it can still work enter the credentials and click save.

Again click on the three lines and click on settings then click on TCP and HTTP.

Under TCP and HTTP click on remote TCP port and enter 443 then on local TCP port and enter 1080.

Save your settings and click on send HTTP headers on TCP, make sure it’s turned on.

After that you need to set up your HTTP headers so click on set HTTP headers.

In order to set up your HTTP headers correctly follow what is indicated below.

  • URL/Host:

Tick the following extra headers

  • User agent
  • Keep alive
  • Online host

VPN Connection Settings

For these settings to work you need to set up the VPN connection settings so that it works perfectly.

Click on the three lines on your top left hand side and click on settings then click on VPN connection settings.

On that section you need to turn on the first four options and make sure all other options are turned off.

If your Droid VPN version is not showing four options on top you can just turn on the first three options and make sure the rest options are turned off.

This is it and this is how you can set up your VPN connection settings now let’s proceed.

How To Connect Droid VPN

Connecting Droid VPN is not hard, the hardest part is setting it up and creating an account.

Now if you are using a free account you need to choose any free server or just use a random server.

And the connection protocol should be TCP or HTTP choose any of the two and use it, do not change within a short period of time.

Click on the start button and when the connection drops click again until you are successfully connected.

You must keep in mind that Droid VPN usually connect and disconnects within a short period of time.

So if you want to see that it is now connected for sure you check in the notification to see if the digits are moving.

If you are failing to connect you can try the connection trick that can also work.

Droid VPN Config File Download

Droid VPN configuration file can make it easy for you to connect without a setting up the VPN.

You can just import the config file and start connecting this depends on your network.

And also this doesn’t mean that you will be able to connect fast or to get fast internet connection.

Eat usually depends on the speed of your network and also the response of your network.

Because some networks cannot respond to such settings so you need to set up manually if the config file is not working.

Download any of the config files listed below and test them on your network.

You will find UDP and TCP and HTTP config files below just download any file and test for your network.

If you downloaded a UDP file make sure that you will change your connection protocol to UDP.

The same applies if you downloaded the TCP and HTTP config file make sure that your protocol is on TCP or HTTP.

Droid VPN APK Download

In order to get started you need to download the Droid VPN app that is relevant to your Android version.

You will find out that they are two different download links below and you can pick whichever one you want.

The one on top is the latest version and it is probably the best all the time, don’t use the modified visions of Droid VPN.

However, if the latest version is failing to work on your Android device you can try the alternative which is on the second download button.

Droid VPN
Droid VPN For Android 11+

Droid VPN Connection Trick

Droid VPN connection trick is used when Droid VPN is failing to connect or to provide free data.

It is very useful because it gives fast connection and can help you to get easy connection.

In order to use this trick you must at least know that your Droid VPN is connecting, but the connection is then dropping.

However, if it’s not connecting this trick might be of no use if it’s not connecting at all.

Foremost, you need to click on the start button and wait when it says connecting https or TCP then stop it.

Continue doing this trick until it says could not open main TCP socket.

When it says could not open main TCP socket force stop it and then wait for at least 5 minutes.

Come back after 5 minutes and click on the start button this time you should get connected on the first click.

This is all it works and this is how you can get fast connections while using this connection trick.

Final Thoughts on Droid VPN Settings

Thank you so much for your time this is the Droid VPN settings and how you can set them up for free internet.

If you manage to follow what I’ve been saying you can get free internet access.

However, Droid VPN only gives 300 MB per day and if you want more bandwidth you can subscribe to a premium account.

A premium account starts from $4.99 going up and you can pick whichever plan you want.

If you still have some questions please feel free to ask me in comments and I will help you.

On this website you will get free internet settings and a free VPN apps, everything is offered for free.

If you want to be of help on this website you can share this post in WhatsApp groups and on social media thank you so much.

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